Quo Vadis Mammon?

The Chestnuts of my third manuscript which I am about to self-publish …. keep coming back to see the announcement of it becoming available in book-form! 


 “Here is no fanaticism, there is no preaching, there is no need for believing”. (Friedrich Nietzsche, Ecce Homo, cf. footnmote# 16, p. 10)  


6                         Quo Vadis Humanitas?

 We all pretend to be worried about where we are going, but do not make any real attempt to find out where we have come from.  Religions, politics and science ostensibly are “in the know” and they tell us their versions of the “thruth”.  Just as uncertain as the beginnings is the future ending. Be it a biblical Armageddon on earth or “Hell” in the next life, a “Clash of Civilisations” or a cataclysm of environmental (or even cosmic) nature- they all keep mankind in fear of the “future”.  When we look more carefully, the “future” has been “privatised” and seems to refer only to the remaining individual life span (or term of office for “appointed” people).   Language has been “privatised” as well – for instance: nobody may tell the truth about the genocidal actions of Israel, but anybody may tell whatever (derogatory) lie about Muslims or publish provocative “cartoons”..    

24                        World views

 As with all aspects of our existence,  we are in dire need of an overhaul of our “World View”.  It is difficult to still pretend that “all is fine”, when we see how international relations become a plaything of the hubris of one nation, how industry progresses from one into the next catastrophe, how “goodness” is preached from the pulpit or in the class room while the Media swamps us with info-tainment which has as its main ingredients the outcomes of crime and violence and our entertainment is largely concerned with depicting in gruesome detail the various ways in which all of this comes to be. We take a coroners view of the presently held World View and realise, that we are dealing largely with a morgue of concepts which have since long been declared dead.  

45                        From Anselm to Gödel – a Millennium of Mental Contortionism

 We explore the graveyard of intellectual corpses that Academia represents only to find that their thinking is still very much with us – in fact they control our presence and are shaping our future.  The better parts of the Second Millennium of man’s recorded history were spent in persuit of the most elusive of concepts – truth.  To our surprise we see that science apparently is an enterprise which first attempts to find “the truth” only to then go on to bury it still deeper under terminology and ill defined concepts.    

66                        The Science of Crises and Catastrophes

 The history of mankind appears to be a (we can only hope: infinite) string of crises and catastrophes. When we trace catastrophes back to when they were “only” crises we find that they- in turn- were little more than (the misunderstood) outcomes of (intially already flawed) concepts.  As there is little point in shutting the gate to the paddock after the horses have bolted, we have to do our utmost to use all means at our disposal to examine concepts with regards to their systemic viability before we implement them.   

81                        Religions and Catastrophes – how do they relate?

 A whirlwind survey of the history of religions shows them to be either directly causally related to catastrophes that have befallen mankind or have caused unspeakable tragedies for humanity.  All of this has great relevance for the present and future of mankind.  The New Millennium has seen the emergence of two new “Religions” – Holocaust-ism and Global-ism.  Both are based on apodictic dogma and the fanatical proponents of these money-theistic religions postulate that one “is either with them or against them”.  What will be the catastrophe(s) caused by these new religions?  

90                        Academic Freedom and Ethics

 As long as academia is “free”, scientists will continue to create power from knowledge. The public spends vast sums of money for the search of novelty;  when we look at the outcome  of this effort over the last century, then what we hail as “progress” has largely only caused misery. The world would now be a better place, had mankind not been able to “split the atom”. The signs mount, that the world will be a better place if the irresponsible “splicing of genes” will be stopped.  While nuclear physics has the potential of stopping humanity with a “bang”, genetical engineering will quite possibly end it with a “whimper”, when we all starve to death because of runaway hybridisation of plants and animals.  If we continue to turn fields and stables into “slot machines” an ever growing mankind will run out of “nickles” and thus prove the Reverend Malthus correct – after all.  

121                         Culture  &  Technology    how do they relate?

 Old myths became structured into religions and science: both are driven by strict dogma, that may be questioned only at the risk of being labelled as either a heretic or a pseudo-scientist.  Religion and science are major pillors of culture, out of which technology emerges.  Any “transfer of technology” brings with it the culture (and hidden in it, often driven by it, also the religion) it is based upon.  When technology without (its) culture is desired, then this presupposes not only an in depth knowledge of (its) culture, but also of (its) religion. That this sine qua non is not recognised lets demagogues call for a “clash of cultures” while they peddle their technologies.  

141                        Towards a New Social Science

 Social Science is manically pursuing the dream of becoming a “hard” science and thus uses the tools of the Natural Sciences.  Methodology seemingly has replaced understanding.  This is why cultures are reduced to “things” and people are viewed as “numbers”.  The abstractions required to apply mathematics pose the danger of abstracting humanity out of mankind.  Only when man comes to terms with the awful reality that life is lethal, will Social Science be directed towards the betterment of the “is” rather than trying to apply untested concepts to force a better “will be”. Those who (often only pretend to) “know” what is “good” have to be recognised as the systemic danger they pose.  

161                        Privatisation of Public Utilities

 In the present age of Privatisation we are told that Public Utilities have to be operated not by the states but by entrepreneurial busines in order to be profitable.  This flies in the face of the fact, that a service is something which has to be paid for – how can a public utility (service) be profitable?  If the state does not want to provide the “engine of prosperity”, then why have a state? Once “privatised”, Public Utilities quickly are taken over by transnational corporations and reverse the originally intended service to the public by making utilities unaffordable for many. We are prevented from realising what is really going on by the “Privatisation of Truth”, which carries with it the price of the Future of the World being privatised as well. 

175                        Big Oil,  the War on Drugs and Terrorism

 The New Millennium is a nightmare of poorly understood concepts:  while elites wallop in orgiastic drug induced stupor, the masses are addicted to menomic and physical drugs and thus blinded to reality.  The 1973 war in the Middle East hiked oil prices sufficiently to make exploitation of the oil in the North Sea viable. Three decades later renewed fighting there may well result in the oil price being elevated sufficiently to turn the vast oil resources of the Argentine-Falklands shelf into a viable business proposition. By calling oil a “non renewable” resource absurd price hikes seem justified to a general public addicted to speed and power that they can buy at the pump.  That the great majority of all known reserves of crude oil occur in Islamic countries makes it imperative for “Big Oil” to incite a feeling in the general public of the “West” regarding the “danger” from Islamic “otherness”. Like all other catch phrases, also “Terrorism” is not clearly defined and also not at all understood: while the systemic terrorism perpetrated by states and multinational corporations goes unreported and virtually unseen, the symptomatic terror (which is a sequitur of the systemic terror) is being used to permit the construction of an Orwellian future – with the full consent of and applause from the masses.  

209                         Manufactured Truth and  Emergent Reality

 Problems related to the pricing-/ availability of oil, the abuse of drugs and the threat posed by “terrorism” were surely not of the magnitude they are perceived to be, were it not for the activities of what we here call the “dumbing machine”. Religions, politics and academia conspire to present the “is” as a consequence of the ills of society which are seen as an emergent reality.  Quite the contrary is the case – they are little less than a manufactured “truth”.  We examine the recent past to underpin this statement.  

222                         Sociological Impact of Technological Advance

 Mankind has become increasingly more adept in shaping the World to its desires and “needs”.  This is the official wisdom;  in reality mankind has exchanged dependency on the vagaries of nature with total abandon towards technology.  While nature is capable of healing itself, even the smallest faulty part will stop a machine and even a small detail of a failed mental concept is not inconsequential. Greed and Technophilia enhance the present corruption of Science, while man has traded freedom for “security”.  

240                        Menomic  Colonialism

 We cannot make any sense of what is going on around us, if we do not examine the way in which we are all guided to think and behave.  The 20th century saw the collapse of all the sociological- and political models that were proposed in the 19th century.  Napoleon had hi-jacked the French Revolution just like elites hi-jacked the industrial revolution. What had seemed for a short while beneficial for mankind turned into all consuming molochs.  When colonialism had reached the end of systemically possible “growth”, the Masters of the Universe changed tack and set sails towards unending conflict.  Political slavery was ex-changed with economic domination and menomic colonialism.   

268                         Re-visiting  Revisionism


While the former colonies are being again enslaved – this time not physically but menomically, the sorry remnants of the formerly “Affluent Society” are being mentally caged with academia being penned into paradigmatic cages and the general public may not use its right of “free speech”. Religions have deprived mankind for ages of their ability to think freely;  the new “religions” of the present tar those who want to apply the Baconian “Scientific Method” or Aristotelian philosophical method of “Organon” with the broad brush of “Revisionism”.  What is an integral part of the scientific method (how can we be sure of the validity of a concept if we not test it?)  is being portrayed as an unsocial, even criminal act.  What have those who insist on letting sleeping lions lie have to fear?  That their lies will devour them?


292                        3He – The Avenger of Truth

 E pluribus unum:  the “going” paradigm of Oil Formation is by Helium-3 isotope data shown to be holdover from times when science thought to “know-it-all” (without knowing any better).  At the beginning of the 3rd Millennium any further “belief” in this pedestrian kind of “science” puts the entirety of academia to shame or rather underpins the assertion that science has become the handmaiden of elitist control mechanisms over the progressively “dumbed down” masses.  With that “science” has reverted to what it has been in the very beginning:  a manipulative scheme which lets a “priestly class” live parasitically off the back of the ignorant masses which are made to believe in eschatological phantasies.  The New Empire is removing its war mongers by letting them take “personal political responsibility” for atrocities perpetrated by indivuduals on individual Prisoners of War. This detracts from their genocidal crimes and shields the Commander in Chief from being held responsible for a “Holocaust” – which can be proven!  

306                        The <END GAME>

 Judeo-Christian Dogma not only has installed the Origin/ Creation dichotomy in the minds of people (scientists and general population alike) it also now pushes the dogma of Eschatology – and made (some) people want to accelerate the “Coming of the End”. “The Passion of the Christ”– a perverse glorification of torture and sufferance reminded the world that a horrible present is a sine qua non for paradisical bliss.  Less than one third of humanity has been intellectually prepared to succumb to such thinking by virtue of  their religious upbringing – the majority of mankind is being sacrificed to “speed up the Second Coming of the Messiah”.  Those pushing for “Globalisation”,  while accelerating the ignominous end of Gaia are maliciously using the piety of many to hide their intent. In September 2005 it “became official” (commonly known) that the global climate has – possibly irreversably – “flipped: the northern tundras are beginning to melt, spewing immeasurable quantities of methane into the atmosphere and thereby turning the “Greenhouse Effect” into the “Venus Effect”.  The arctic ice is melting at an accelerating rate, thereby possibly (probably?) altering the path of thermohaline conveyor-belts (like the Gulf Stream). This will lead to a number of processes with the net effect that humanity will be driven out of the “Techno Paradise” into the wastelands that it has created.   

323                 Human Spiritual Devolution

  We will never know what compelled taxonomists to come up with the stupid species name of H. sapiens.  Animals have instincts that  motorically “drive” their reflexes and reactions to environmental stimuli; human hubris does not permit animals to have “feelings”.  Humans had spirituality that did for them what instincts did for animals;  religions, science (philosophy) and politics have to a large degree supplanted spirituality with synthetic beliefs, knowledge and fears. The herd-instinct of animals has been engineered in humans not for individual (and species) “good” but for elitist “better”.   Just like “life” on Earth has devolved from magnificent beginnings, so has human spirituality devolved to its present sorry state. The enterprise of science has devolved into a moloch: several categories of Nobel Prizes should thus be rolled into one: the invention of new Weapons of Mass Destruction.   

346                        A Passionate Plea for an Ethical Future

  In an attempt to show some of the many absurdities of the “human condition” of present times, a number of the most blatant unsavoury aspects of  it are listed.  After trying to subsume all of this we realise, that the shaping of a “better future” will have to be based on the establishment of a truely ethical scientific enterprise. Both research and teaching will have to revert to principles advocated by Aristotle for philosophy and Sir Francis Bacon for science;  the “Judaisation” of science (really already beginning with Francis Bacon) during the period of the Enlightenment which has in effect suffused academia with Talmudic principles has to be reversed in order to achieve such a “revolution”.  

            Such a return to origins of principles has to be paralleled by a legal and constitutional revolt on the political level that will bring the concept of democracy (rule of the people by the people and for the people) into resonance with present day realities.



16 Responses to “Quo Vadis Mammon?”

  1. Eric Says:

    >While nature is capable of healing itself, even the smallest faulty part will stop a machine and even a small detail of a failed mental concept is not inconsequential.

    well said.

  2. Polydoros Polydoropoulos Says:

    This is beautiful work; all the way from the beginning to the end.

    I propose that we have to return to the ancient philosophic and scientific principles that ended with Plato as their last teacher. To do this we need a general/holistic revolution that is not only political and economic but also cultural/religious. As a start we may activate in our minds pro-Life and Nature-loving religions like the ancient Greek one. We utilize the old symbolic stories as a set of metaphors for moral and ethical teachings; then based on them to record a modern set of stories about physical, intellectual and spiritual athleticism in ethics and natural morality that elevate humanity instead of bending it down to Judaism.

    Warm regards,

  3. Kay Scarborough Says:

    Someone told me at the last Natural Philosophy Alliance meeting that terrorism began in this country in 1492. How true!! I’m 1/8 Seminole Indian myself.

    Anyway, your writings are sad, but true. One area in particular “hit home”, and that is the so-called “energy crisis”. In 1973, my father came out with a pamphlet entitled, “Fuels: A New Theory”, which refuted the antiquated Fossil Fuels Theory, and replaced it with the much more logical Energy Fuels Theory. It has been proven that fuels are ABIOGENIC in nature. The potential political and economic value of the pamphlet is that we are not going to run out of fuels (until maybe about a million years or so from now) simply because they are continually being created from within Earth’s nuclear energy core. Gas, oil and coal are merely three polymerizational forms of the same thing. Simple gases are found at the deepest levels within Earth. Due to extreme temperatures and pressures, the gases are forced up through the paths of least resistance, where they polymerize into more complex hydrocarbon oils at mid-depths with relatively lower temperatures and pressure. Likewise, oils are forced up through the paths of least resistance due to time, temperature, and pressure, where they cross-link into even more complex coals nearer the surface of the earth, where temperatures are relatively cooler and pressure is relatively less. In fact, gummy oils are found in coal. The fossils were merely trapped in the oil as it solidified into coal; thus, they are a by-product rather than the cause of creation of coal. Fossils are limited, but the “chemical manufacturing plant” within Earth is not (at least not for another million years or so). My father, Alex Scarborough, later self-published the book, “Undermining the Energy Crisis”, in 1979. He presented even more proofs and evidence of the abiogenic nature of fuels, thus further refuting the “Fossil” Fuels Theory of the 1830s, and supporting the new Energy Fuels Theory. We could be digging for oil in our own “backyards” in America, especially in Alaska, and in fact, my father cites some corporations and universities who are doing just that. There is no energy crisis, just a ploy to frighten people and make huge profits.

    Kay Scarborough
    Unemployed Analytical Chemist

    (Alex A. Scarborough
    Retired Chemist/Chemical Engineer)

  4. Auveline Robinson Says:

    SIR: you are on my HIT LIST. I INTEND TO BUY YOUR BOOK AS SOON AS YOU HAVE IT READY. You are the first academic who has spoken the TRUTHS about the way things are and offered a solution as to the way they should be. Also, once I have your book, I intend to study it carefully. In addition, when you notify me that it is published, I will send notice around to my contacts about it. Keep up the good work. Auveline

  5. Raquel Baranow Says:

    Mammon is an Aramaic word for money. Jesus (if he existed) said, “You can;t serve God & Money, you’ll either love the one andhate the other” . . . “but the Pharisees, who loved money heard all this and scoffed.” — Luke 16

  6. Wolfgang Fischer Says:

    I do share the general line of your analysis. And we do need a different approach to “ethics” – in support of your intentions let me share the following:

    Ethics today must create a moral impact capable of over-hauling the political system!

    Without information and analysis of the comprehensive dimensions of a patriarchal project (1) which has lasted for more than 5000 years, the anthropological mystery will remain unresolved and the following question will remain unanswered: „why are people acting against their very own interests of survival?“, all of which, as a consequence, make global Holocaust increasingly likely.

    The insanity of normality (2) is the consequence of a thinking reduced to black and white contrasts; finally this insanity is the expression of an intellectual and fictitious separation of the death-drive from the life-drive (3). Only mankind alienated from natural coherence of life and existence is ready to sacrifice his own life together with mother Nature’s to Mammon, just for the sake of continued existence of capitalism, the youngest off-spring of the patriarchy.

    Today’s ethics threatens to lose sight of this anthropological mystery. As long as ethics fatally and simply fade it out of perception, ethics cannot contribute any solution. Separating people into good and evil thus remains unquestioned; it becomes allegedly natural and is hardly even discussed. The profound and cryptic character of the ‚cultural creating process‘ of patriarchy is not being broadly discussed by scientists. A proper understanding of human nature is consequently lost in the web of tensions of complex and secondary interests.

    That is why today a destructive dynamics akin to necrophilia is able to present itself as a new world order. In comparison to the deadly arrogance of decision makers of modern societies even the wildest animal appears to be completely harmless.

    An increasing cold lack of compassion can be detected like a thread running from the Mongolian assails, through the extermination of indigenous populations in all corners of the planet, through the annihilation by the Inquisition of our valuable know-how about nature so particularly deadly for women and through industrial killing of Jews pursued by the Nazis, right up to today’s systematic exploitation of mankind and nature by corporate globalization.

    Up to now, a lack of empathy consigned the satisfaction of the human social drive to obscurity in its global dimension: existence and the vital necessity of a human social drive has been virtually drowned in a deceitful error which excessively highlights the alleged ‚holy grail‘ of the pursuit of individual ‚fortune‘. The erroneous quality of such an attitude simply drowns out the union of existence, the interconnectedness of all being. Instead of solidarity, a ruthlessly competitive society prevails. Instead of natural joy and abundance prevails a system which takes advantage of fear and scarcity. Instead of health, illness prevails. Instead of peace, war.

    Let us therefore commemorate the great lifework of the philosopher, sociologist, psycho-analyst and humanist Erich Fromm (4) who shaped the term „biophilia“ and acknowledge this by coming out on the love for life! Jointly with Wilhelm Reich, many more scientists and the majority of indigenous peoples at all times from all over the world Erich Fromm in contrast for example to the wide-spread teachings of Sigmund Freud exactly understood that the drive of life is the one and only autonomous force of life in the cosmos. It is creative by Nature. Dysfunctional motivations and desires as shown by history are inherent to this civilisation which makes a general well-being impossible. They are of secondary nature, that means they are mere consequences of alienated human thought and deeply inhuman conduct of life. Those never can be satisfied and consequently entail the well known insatiability of affected people, their nations and cultures. Violence, blood and thunder, suicide, war together with destruction of the fundaments of life are a proof which can no longer be ignored.

    In front of these cannibalistically appearing tendencies it is plain ignorance in the service of capital which today permeates all social strata and sacrifices the many hard-won social achievements to the neo-feudal god of the global market.

    An ethics, which truly seeks to meet its own standards cannot not ignore the complexity of this topic and must not flinch from demands to replace the system! A truthful ethics would liberate itself from the totalitarian clutches of power-strategists and clearly place itself on the side of life. We all, to whom life is dear and valuable, should support and promote this process of emancipation by engaging in it and by making our opinions known wherever we feel concerned (5). We can no longer leave ethics just to scientific specialists in universities, but we simple people must instead prove to be the actual promoters of an ethics and a conduct of life, which are neither corruptible nor subject to any Zeitgeist!


    (1) – Claudia von Werlhof, „Ökonomie, die praktische Seite der Religion” – Wirtschaft als Gottesbeweis und die Methode der Alchemie – Zum Zusammenhang von Patriarchat, Kapitalismus und Christentum, in Ursula Marianne Ernst, Luise Gubitzer, Angelika Schmidt (Hg): Frauen,Forschung und Wirtschaft, Ökonomie M(m)acht Angst, Band 7, Peter Lang, Europäischer Verlag der Wissenschaften, 1997
    – Claudia von Werlhof, Patriarchat als ‚alchemistisches System’. Die (Z)Ersetzung des Lebendigen, in Maria Wolf (Hg): Optimierung und Zerstörung. Intertheoretische Analysen zum menschlich Lebendigen, Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaftliche Studientexte Band 3, Studia Universitätsverlag Innsbruck, 2000
    – Claudia von Werlhof, „Schöpfung aus Zerstörung?” Die Gentechnik als moderne Alchemie und ihre ethisch-religiöse Rechtfertigung, in W.Baier (Hg): Gentechnik, Einführung und Kontroversen, Graz 1997
    – Claudia von Werlhof, The Interconnectedness of All Being: A New Spirituality for a New Civilization, 2007 (pdf)
    – Claudia von Werlhof, Capitalist Patriarchy and The Negation of Matriarchy – The Struggle For a “Deep” Alternative, 2007 (pdf)
    (2) – Arno Gruen, Der Wahnsinn der Normalität – Realismus als Krankheit, eine Theorie der menschlichen Destruktivität, dtv 1999
    (3) – Bernd Senf, Die Wiederentdeckung des Lebendigen, Erforschung der Lebensenergie durch Reich, Schauberger, Lakhovsky u.a., Omega, 2003
    – Javier Lajo, Qhapaq Ñan: La ruta INKA de sabiduría (english / spanish)
    (4) – Erich Fromm, His Life’s Work
    (5) – Kurt Singer, Zivilcourage wagen – Wie man lernt, sich einzumischen, Ernst Reinhardt Verlag, Neuausgabe 2003

    URL: http://emanzipationhumanum.de/english/wholeness.html#ethics

    • setex01 Says:

      enthusiastisches Ja zu fast alldem oben geschriebenen! Doch eine Frage …… wie steht es mit der Ontologie der “industriellen Vernichtung der Juden im Dritten Reich:? Wo bleibt eine unabh’ngige und unbeeinflu-te Untersuchung der Fakten_ Solange wir alle nur die Wirklichkeiten der ÄanderenÄ als unsere Wahrheiten betrachten werden wir selber blind bleiben!

  7. Wolfgang Fischer Says:

    thanks for the comment – for the international readers I give a short translation:
    “enthusiastically Yes to most of what is written above! But on question .. what about the ontology of the “industrial killing of Jews during the III Reich? Where is the independent and unswayed investigation of the facts? As long as we all only face the realities of the “others” as being our own truths we just will remain blind!”

    – my intention was to draw the continuous line of violence from the beginning of patriarchal history till today. Concerning the industrial killing of Jews it is to clarify that this was NOT a singular crime as being taught by mainstream history. The criminal energy came from patriarchal aberration in general and in concrete obviously certain interests, exactly those international money barons who financed the Nazi project because of the profits they were expecting out f the desired wars to come. Obviously today the exactly same groups of interest against any democratic idea push forward the totalitarian political EU project …. Yes, this needs to be analyzed, discussed and prepared to get out to the public.

  8. setex01 Says:

    “killing” as such is “part of the deal” for all omnivorous animals! Homo sap (I am fond of using Mark Twain’s “taxonomy”) is the only species that does engage in (systemically) unnecessary ritual, systematic – even genocidal – killing. The killing of Jews by Germans in WW II and the killing of Palestinians by Jews in (sub-)recent times is in one way similar – it is not reported on in any factual way ny the “Dumbing Down Machine”. In the former case, we are being told about only “ONE SIDE of the coin”, while in the second case, we only hear about ANOTHER coin: the killing of Israelis by Palestinians!
    The entire topic is SICKENING ….. as it is impossible (if not “illegal”) to really find out what has gone on (“then”) and now (there are no journalists around to tell the story ….), the topic does not seem to be one that can be dealt in an objective-/ scientific way.

    That is why I am dealing with the ramifications of the whole “SCHLAMASSEL”.

  9. Wolfgang Fischer Says:

    Patriarchal traditions break with the natural inhibition to kill one’s relatives. Omnivorous animals’ killing is part of Gaia’s wise organization.

    Only the “derailed” human beings judge wrongly and then within the wrong picture of the survival of the strongest claim to have the same alleged right to kill.

    That “picture”, our world-view, the paradigm of patriarchy needs to be transcended and dissolved in order to liberate the perspective on Gaia’s well balanced orders – if ways out of the vicious circles of “history” really are desired.

  10. setex01 Says:

    your statement is as correct as it is incomplete! It is like a microscopic image of a given situation that is slightly off target! Think of a Venn diagram …. you are looking – with great clarity, precision and eloquence at one of the components of a composite and the composite itself …… one of the other components is totally out the field and thus is not emtnioned. Paul Bordieu has mused: does unsaid mean unthought? Simply not TALKING about the JEWISH control of all and everything does not set us free! You are as politically correct as you are factually off target!
    I realize that WHERE you are forbids you to even THINK freely …. so no hard feelings…. just PITY!

  11. Wolfgang Fischer Says:

    Too much of pitifulness.

    What is the advantage of targeting just a Jewish control thus ignoring the bigger and deeper picture? In my opinion it is decisive to face the very roots of the problem. And those roots do concern the whole bunch of patriarchal traditions altogether with their refined and ever more destructive updates. A broader discussion on exactly this perspective eventually will strengthen our creative forces just by terminating to support the dying paradigm of violence.

  12. setex01 Says:

    IF there were no JEWISH control of human “destiny”, then humanity were free to pursue decent lives. As it is, the life of the “normal” person anywhere is a tragedy. Guantanamo used to be a place in Cuba ….. now it is everywhere! Palestine used to be a place on the eastern Mediterranean sea-board …… soon it will be everywhere!

  13. Wolfgang Fischer Says:

    contemplating on your statement I need to ask:

    do you really believe in punishment of criminals?

    Is not exactly punishment the source for the perpetuation of criminality?

    What about rendering criminal behaviour generally ineffective and obsolete by promoting an entirely different way of life where criminal behaviour is not an option at all because of the deep awareness that exactly such behaviour finally feeds back?

    It is indigenous knowledge since ages to offer criminals the chance to understand the overall stupidity of respective behaviour and attitudes.

    Here is the focus which needs to be observed if you really are interested in the decent life you are talking about.

  14. Wolfgang Fischer Says:

    with regard to the “controlling head(s)” another picture came up to me which might better illustrate my intended message:

    we might chop off the one head you are referring to, others will grow. we might aim at the heart of the monster, others will survive. so better to dry out once and for ever the breeding ground for human monsters and prepare an ambience where the process of humanization renders all over satisfying results …..

  15. setex01 Says:

    “Rehabilitation of criminals” is one of the issues that are like a red flag for me. I do NOT believe in statistics as a tool capable of EXPLAINING things, but rather use it as a tool to UNDERSTAND the “mechanics” of systems. MODIS (see the quote in MANIFESTO FOR DEMOCRATIC REVOLT) shows that formerly incarcerated CRIMINALS make up for time lost behind bars. A MIND is either normal OR criminal -just like one is either a “born SINNER” (somebody who acts contrary to the “works” of sustainable systems) or is “in tune” with the system. Anybody who is “capable” of lifing a candy-bar will also be a latent murderer!
    Those who argue otherwise are bullshitters (a.k.a. priests, professors of “humanities” or other illusionalists). The “culture of empire” is turning normal people into”criminals ….. just like there are “illegal” miners, loggers, fishers etc. in countries where the government sells licenses to multinationals to “legally” plunder what does not belong to the government – BUT THE PEOPLE. Pull the rug from under people and you will create “terrorists” ….

    it all comes back to “culture” and its ramifications! Crime and Law …. just cultural artefacts/ creations.

    We cannot anymore RETURN TO NATURE (as “nature” does not exist anymore – better: as we are not fit anymore to live IN & WITH nature) so we are well and truely ……..!

    If we want to drain the cesspool of immorality and nonexisting ethics, we have to start with ourselves …… simply BOYCOTT all those who are the epitome of evil ….. spare me to spell it out ….. that is proscribed in many countries of the world. THAT IS WHERE THE COOKIE CRUMBLES ….one cannot anymore talk about REALITY …. just about MANUFACTURED TRUTHS.


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